Your Right to Organize

Vote Clip Art

It is your right, under Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), to join, form, or assist a union of your choice. These rights guarantee that you can do this without the threat of retaliation from your employer or from the Union (even the existing union). The law requires that a percentage of employees show support for the Union.

The amount of support shown will take us down one of three paths:

Path 1.  Only a few employees want to better the working conditions, wages, and benefits. This path would end our relationship and you will continue to have the status quo.

Path 2.  The majority of employees show written support for the Union, and the Company agrees to recognize the Union as the bargaining agent and then we could negotiate an collective bargaining agreement

Path 3.   The majority of employees show written support for the Union, but the Company refuses to recognize the Union; we would then request for the National Labor Relations Board to hold a secret ballot election so that you and your fellow colleagues can vote to be represented by FCGOA.

Please keep in mind that in both paths 2 and 3, YOU are making the decision.

The fastest way to start an organizing campaign is for you and your fellow co-workers to fill out a Union Pledge Card.