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The fastest growing 9(b)(3) Union of Security Professionals in the Country.

We represent hard working men and women across the country who perform the same vital duties as you. Our membership includes Detention/Transportation Officers, Protective Security Officers, Lieutenants, Sergeants, and Security Guards. With responsibilities ranging from the protection of Federal Buildings, Agencies, and Facilities to the securement of Detention Centers and Foreign Consulates, FCGOA members are on the front line of defending our most critical institutions.

Our members have the protection of a strong Union contract providing for the best wages and benefits in the industry. You can also have these benefits if you decide that you will stand with the Union! Let us show you the power of standing United! Let us fight for your legal rights!

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What Our Members Are Saying

When we had no union, there was major favoritism, inconsistency in ever work aspect, unfair work practices, and a lot of work place politics. Since we Unionized, favoritism is a rare sight, inconsistencies have nearly disappeared, we are all being treated fairly, and the work place politics have stopped. The Union has brought up our morale once again, mainly because we know the Union will back up its members 100%. You can see the difference the Union has made compared to when there was no Union.

Ricardo MartinezDetention Facility

I have been at my worksite for 12 years and watched our pay, benefits, and treatment steadily decline over that period. Texas is a hard place to organize a labor force. FCGOA’s expert guidance and wisdom made all the difference during the process. We now have a solid contract. Everyone is making more money and management is finally being held accountable for their actions. We wish that we would've joined the FCGOA a long time ago.

John HathawayNuclear/Power Plant Facility

I have been a proud member of FCGOA for 4 years now. I have been a part of many unions in my lifetime some good some not so good. In my experience union or nonunion, I have always had better benefits and pay under a union. I met FCGOA 4 years ago when I was trying to organize the supervisor unit. Prior to meeting FCGOA, I had reached out to a well-known union that I will not name. Everything was going great until my company said they would do everything in their power to stop this. The union rep for that well-known union told me because of this they were going to withdraw the petition. I was at my wits end, what now?

A friend of mine suggested I call FCGOA, so I did. The President of FCGOA called me back and said he would be glad to represent us, he also said the company had no legal ground to stop us. He ensured us that he would fight for raises and better benefits and a lot of other stuff. A matter of fact the PSO unit under their old union saw how well we did, and they also joined FCGOA. I have asked many the PSO’s if they are happy and the response, I always get is, night and day difference compared to where we were under the old union thank you.

A union is only as good as its leadership. FCGOA’s chief negotiator is an awesome negotiator – confident, very knowledgeable, well versed with laws, and he actually cares. I don’t know any union you can call or email the President and they will call you back. So, if it’s important to you to have a union that has your best interest, won’t back down and cares about you, then FCGOA is for you.

William M McSweeneyFederal Law Enforcement Facility

I have worked as a Protective Security Officer for sixteen years with or without unions. When FCGOA started to organizing the facility I worked I thought “more broken promises” and was totally against it. I am happy to say I was wrong! FCGOA negotiated a great deal for us, I now have union benefits that are affordable and they take care of my babies. When you call them they answer. When you need them they are there. When the government announced closures the union had already discussed it with the company and they made sure we all knew how it was going to work and how we would support or families. I am FCGOA Strong!!

Andrea MastersFederal Law Enforcement Facility

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