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We are the Federal Contract Guards of America (FCGOA) – the fastest growing 9(b)(3) union of Security Professionals in the country. You’re here because you want change and are demanding better, and you know that in order to accomplish these goals, you need to join a strong union – FCGOA! We represent hard working men and women across the country – from detention officers in Texas to security officers protecting foreign consulates in New York and various federal agencies in Washington, DC to the contracted Protective Security who secure Federal buildings and facilities in New Jersey, among other places. They perform duties that you also perform.

But what sets our members apart from you? Our members have the protection of a strong union contract providing for the best wages and benefits in the industry. They have our medical and retirement packages, which are second to none. You can also have these benefits if you decide that you will stand with the union!

WE KNOW THAT YOU WORK HARD ON AND OFF THE JOB, and we know that there are many times when you stand tough on duty while the rest of us are sleeping. Let us show you our gratitude by fighting for your legal rights.


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