To: All Current and Prospective Members of FCGOA

The Federal Contract Guards of America (FCGOA) is America’s fastest growing Union for security professionals. FCGOA was formed with the objective to create a Union for Security Professionals that could live up to the ideals that define the hard working men and women throughout this diverse industry. Service, Honor and Respect are the core pillars of our organization and are common characteristics shared by both our Executive Board and our ever growing membership. We are constantly striving to improve the standard of living of our members and to provide security both while they are on the job and well after their retirement.

FCGOA represents security professionals just like you across the country. The security industry is both vast and diverse and our Union is a reflection of that. Our membership includes Protective Security Officers, Armored Truck Guards/Drivers, Detention Officers, Nuclear Security Officers amongst many other roles that are critical to the protection and security of our nation and each of our daily lives. With members residing in areas ranging from the Texas Rio Grande Valley to the DC Metro area to New York City, and everywhere in between, our vision is not limited to what we can see from an office window. Regardless of where in our great country you reside and what part of the industry you serve, FCGOA does not waver in our commitment to protect YOUR interests and to secure YOUR future.

We encourage you to seize the opportunity to join our ranks and file, and to stand side-by-side with other security professionals who make FCGOA greater each and every day.

The FCGOA was born-to serve and protect only security professionals and to provide a distinct alternative to self-serving labor organizations that never prioritize the interests of their members before their own.

As the incoming president of this unique organization, I guarantee you respect, professionalism, and to be the one fighting by your side when all others have abandoned hope.



In Solidarity,

Michael Jones