Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I vote for FCGOA?

We will provide you with the best representation in the industry – trained labor professionals to handle the day-to-day operations, and guarantee you will never be alone and you will always matter.

What kind of benefits can I get?

Your benefits can, and will, include everything we negotiate for. Specifically, the Union has a medical and pension plan that is second to none, and at an incredible price, so that you don’t break your back paying for the bills when you’re being treated for your back pain.

I’m ready to join, how do I start?

Awesome! The first step is to sign a pledge card – here – and contact the Union so we can walk you through the process.

Will anyone know who I casted my vote for?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Not your employer, not us, not the other union (if there is one), not your co-workers will know how you vote – unless you CHOOSE to tell them.

We won the election, now what?

After an election, all involved parties have 10 days from the tally or count of the ballots to contest the results of the election. If there is no contest, then the National Labor Relations Board will issue a Certificate of Representation to us. With this document, we have the legal power and right to demand negotiations from your employer. A proposal meeting(s) will follow, then eventually, the negotiations.